Future-oriented approach: Social commitment at Bergsiek

As a successful industrial company, we understand our responsibility towards our social and ecological environment. In addition to our aspiration to find the optimal solutions for every conceivable business project, we devote ourselves to various social projects that we are extremely passionate about supporting. These include social projects at both regional and international level.

Social projects close to our hearts

Because children are our future – The children’s charity ICH e.V.

No child in the world should go hungry, be socially excluded, or experience any form of violence. People are at the heart of ICH e.V. – all founding members, current players and supporters agree on this. Given the comparatively low administrative costs, donations really do get to where they are most needed. At ICH e.V., anyone who would like to can get involved. The association does not limit itself and wants to provide help wherever it is needed. In this respect, short official channels are particularly important to them. Requests are processed as quickly as possible because no child has time to wait for long examinations by the authorities – exclusion knows no deadlines! ICH e.V. helps, for example, by covering the costs of the school canteen or cafeteria, school materials, school trips or even clothes and shoes. A project that we are more than happy to support.

Safe at sea – the sea rescuers

For almost 159 years now, sea rescuers have been out on the North Sea and Baltic Sea to save people in distress at sea. The German Maritime Search and Rescue Service (DGzRS) was founded in May 1865 and has been carrying out life-saving work exclusively on a voluntary basis ever since. More than 1,000 sea rescuers on 60 rescue units are deployed around 2,000 times every year, around the clock and in all weathers, regardless of the person or cause. The sea rescuers are financed exclusively by voluntary donations, which is why we are proud to support this important organization. Since its founding, the DGzRS has rescued around 86,000 people in distress at sea.

Because we care about our environment: NABU e.V.

With 940,000 members and supporters, NABU is the oldest environmental association in Germany as well as boasting the largest membership. Founded in 1899 by Lina Hähnle for the protection of birds, NABU is now dedicated to biodiversity and the protection of intact habitats, good air, clean water, healthy soil and the careful use of our finite resources. The organization is not only active in Germany, but also internationally thanks to the NABU International Nature Conservation Foundation. The focus of the international projects is on climate protection and the preservation of biodiversity. As our environment and our homeland are particularly close to our hearts, supporting NABU is a matter of course for us.

Sport and fun for young and old – SC Rinteln

Sport, exercise, and fun are essential to create a healthy balance. This applies to both children and adults. Recognizing this as a company, we are delighted to support a local sports club. SC Rinteln e.V. is one of the largest and oldest sports clubs in the Rinteln area. Anyone can play soccer here, regardless of age. In addition to sporting activities, socializing is also very important to the club. Whether joint excursions to the stadium or games evenings – SC Rinteln e.V. provides variety and fun.

Support for children’s road safety

We believe it is just as important for children to learn how to ride a bike as it is to learn how to swim, for example, because road safety is of the utmost importance for every road user. That’s why we are proud to support the German Road Safety Association with the cycling tests for fourth graders. A good 95% of all third and fourth graders take the cycling test every year. This is linked to the currently 1,400 mobile and fixed youth traffic schools, which are available to pupils for practical cycling exercises and to prepare them for riding in real traffic and are supported by the commitment of police officers, local traffic wardens, schools, and local authorities. This dedication is something we are happy to support!

Hands-on help with a vision: The German Blind Relief Organization

Particularly people with physical disabilities deserve our support. The German Blind Relief Organization is actively involved in helping the blind, visually impaired and those at risk of blindness – both in Germany and worldwide. The goal: healthy eyes, good education, and equal participation in life. Thanks to a large network and long-term partnerships, the DBHW works sustainably, provides confidence and hope, and creates fair opportunities. That is why we are proud to support this extremely important project financially.

Safety for rural communities – the Rinteln Voluntary Fire Brigade

Against the backdrop of demographic change, particularly in rural communities, it is becoming increasingly important to provide financial support for voluntary fire brigades. In these rural areas, there is often a lack of new recruits and professional fire departments are usually only found in large cities. We are therefore happy to support the Rinteln volunteer fire department so that residents in the countryside are also protected from fires and other disasters. With its technical expertise, the Rinteln Voluntary Fire Brigade is an essential part of fire and disaster protection. With great responsibility and enormous voluntary commitment, the volunteers protect the citizens of Rinteln.

Competence and reliability in tank construction

As a modern family business, we attach great importance to social values such as reliability, competence and humanity and support various ecological and social projects whose projects are close to our hearts and reflect our corporate values. We have also established ourselves as a competent and reliable partner in container construction. Our dedicated team will be happy to advise you!